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Working today
to change tomorrow!

   Shining Light on a Dark Subject!  

  Raising Awareness & Prevention 

for all forms of child abuse.

501 (c) (3)  Nonprofit


Queen of Hearts Masquerade Ball Feb 23rd 2019

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and SPREAD AWARENESS & PREVENTION of child abuse.

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Shining Light on a Dark Subject! Empowering kids with a POSITIVE message!


Mission statement– Sending a Positive message. We strive to be the nation’s leader in educating and empowering children from all forms of  child abuse. Every Child was Made to SHINE! Honor, Protect & Educate!



  "Had Something like this been around when I was a kid    I would have know I wasn't alone and    I would have spoke up...." 

  Heather K MO.               

"This is so needed in a negative world right now. ...   Abuse is on the rise. The abused suffer in silence. We need to do all we can to bring about this POSITIVE  message of hope and healing.  You have a dedicated soldier right here who will always support your work and pass on your message. God Bless all YOU do to save the children and Survivors. "    

Samuel Williams San Diego CA.       

 "The Give a Child a Voice Foundation has developed an important    series of books to help educate and raise awareness    for children, parents and guardians." Dr. Nancy O'Reilly            

 "This is a much needed program for schools & preschools. We used this program while I was head of a preschool in Washington. They are continuing to use this program . We made the decision as a school to choose to Empower the children so they would have the tools & resources to be safe."   

Becky M Settle Seattle WA.


 "Each of us MUST embrace the fact it is imperative to teach the children that they have WORTH! They Have VALUE! I had never heard of this foundation until early 2017. I  ordered the books. They were well received in my classroom as well as with the parents. We branched out & shared it with other classrooms. I strongly recommend the use in all preparatory & primary classes." 

Jack Danby MA.            

 "As a parent I was thankful to find the books available to purchase online for my children. This is an excellent resource for all parents. The books handle a difficult topic in a firm BUT friendly way. Thank you keep up the good work."      

Renee Thomas TX.          

"NEVER EVER stop doing what you are doing! This is so very vital in todays world to take a new approach to fighting  the war on child abuse. FINALLY we are going to WIN as awareness is the key. I applaud all your work!"  

  Liz Baker Simi, CA

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Our outreach program -  Donates books, wristbands and signs to children, foundations for kids, churches, and  schools.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card